Everett Williams

I’ll admit that I really had no idea who the Padres were going to take with their second round pick (52nd overall). As far as the type of player, though, I was guessing a college guy. I was also guessing a pitcher, since Tate’s obviously a position player. But, more than that, I was guessing college.

They selected Everett Williams from McCallum High School in Texas. Shows you how much I know. A quick glance at Williams’ MLB.com report reveals a guy who sounds a lot like Donavan Tate. Great tools, good speed, good defender. Biggest question: can he hit?

Now, a lot of people are probably going to be a little confused. Why draft two similar players with the first two picks? I know I wasn’t expecting a player like Williams. However, I think it’s a fine strategy. Basically, I’m always for the “best player on the board” strategy, and I’m guessing that’s what the Padres are empolying. If both players develop as expected, one moves to a corner … or one gets traded. It really shouldn’t be a big concern and it’s a pretty good problem to have.

Little extra: Goldstein on Williams:

Kevin Goldstein (6:33:23 PM PT): Padres have the best pick in the round by a mile with EVerett Williams, the Texas outfielder who many saw as having first-round tools. His size worked against him in the end, but who thought the Pads would begin the draft with a pair of high risk/high upside guys


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