Sanchez no hits the Padres

9 innings, 0 hits, 0 walks, 11 strikeouts, 1 ROE

The error, which prevented the perfect game, was a tough play at third base for Juan Uribe – an all-or-nothing attempt off the bat of Chase Headley. Otherwise, Sanchez was perfect. What’s remarkable about this performance is Sanchez’s control. He has a career bb/9 of 4.84, and that number sits at 5.94 this season.

Also for his career, he’s pitched 18.4 pitches per inning. That’s like 165 for 9 innings. Tonight’s start took him just 100 pitches. The guy was just on. Locating well. Breaking stuff was extra sharp.

For the Padres, what does this mean? Not too much. This is a bad club, and their performance the rest of the way, as a team, is really quite irrelevant. It’s easy to say that this is the low-point of the season, but I have a feeling we’ll be saying that a few more times throughout the year. Yeah, the offense isn’t good and neither is the pitching.

The rest of the season, as I see it, is almost solely for evaluating players for 2010 and beyond. With that in mind, it wasn’t that hard to watch Sanchez, with his dad in attendance, complete his improbable no hit, no walk game.


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