Mat Latos strong in second start

Mat Latos was solid again in his second major league start, as he went 5.7 innings while allowing five hits and two runs. He struck out five and walked two, and allowed two solo homers. Latos threw 94 pitches, 58 of them for strikes. Let’s again check out the PITCHf/x data and see what it tells us about Latos’ outing. Here’s a look at his pitch selection, along with average velocity:

Fastball: 61 pitches (94.2 mph)
Slider: 25 (81.5)
Changeup: 8 (81.3)

Here’s his pitch movement graph:

latos start 2 movement

And here’s velocity:

latos start 2 velocity

Latos mixed in the off-speed stuff a little more often in start two, as he threw 65% fastballs (his first start was around 80%). When looking at any of this data, I wouldn’t get too caught up in any slight differences start to start. For instance, according to the data, his average fastball velocity dropped about one mph from start one to start two. While that could be the case, it’s also very possible that there are park effects influencing things or a pitch or two got misidentified.

Anyway, the main points remain: Mat Latos has great velocity, and appears to have decent secondary offerings. There isn’t much more we could expect from his first two starts. Latos is quickly becoming one of the few bright spots in this dismal 2009 season, and he’s one reason to keep following these Pads in an otherwise lost year.


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