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I’ve finally realized that it makes more sense for me to post more of my Padres stuff at Friar Forecast and less here, for a couple of reasons. One, it is easier for readers to follow if there are less blogs with more writers. Consolidation. You don’t have to go to multiple blogs searching for analysis.  And, on a similar note, it should help the readership of Friar Forecast, with more frequent posts in one place, rather than split readers between the two sites. Finally, there is certainly more of an established community over there, and it is fun to interact with that readership (not to mention Daniel, Ben, and Mike).

It makes a lot of sense, but it took a few months to get through my thick head (and stubbornness). So, yeah, I’m going to be doing most of my writing over there now, and I’m excited to rejoin those guys again. I love the job Daniel and company have done since I (sort of) left. It is in more capable hands now, but I’m glad I can still contribute.

As for this place, I’m going to keep it around for more random Padres stuff, and maybe some personal notes here and there. No point in shutting it down, as I’ve apparently shown a propensity for changing my mind in the past : ) Anyway, sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for following me all around the internet.


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