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Site news

I’ve finally realized that it makes more sense for me to post more of my Padres stuff at Friar Forecast and less here, for a couple of reasons. One, it is easier for readers to follow if there are less blogs with more writers. Consolidation. You don’t have to go to multiple blogs searching for analysis.  And, on a similar note, it should help the readership of Friar Forecast, with more frequent posts in one place, rather than split readers between the two sites. Finally, there is certainly more of an established community over there, and it is fun to interact with that readership (not to mention Daniel, Ben, and Mike).

It makes a lot of sense, but it took a few months to get through my thick head (and stubbornness). So, yeah, I’m going to be doing most of my writing over there now, and I’m excited to rejoin those guys again. I love the job Daniel and company have done since I (sort of) left. It is in more capable hands now, but I’m glad I can still contribute.

As for this place, I’m going to keep it around for more random Padres stuff, and maybe some personal notes here and there. No point in shutting it down, as I’ve apparently shown a propensity for changing my mind in the past : ) Anyway, sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for following me all around the internet.


Draft talk at Friar Forecast

Nothing ground-breaking here, just some thoughts on the upcoming draft pick signing deadline. August 17th is a big day for the Padres.

Interview at Mets 411

I answered some questions about the Padres for the Mets’ blog, Mets 411. Fun stuff; check it out.

Adrian Gonzalez analysis at Friar Forecast

Took a look at Adrian’s trade value over at Friar Forecast.

Short version: He’s valuable.

Welcome back Tom Krasovic

The best news in Padres Blog Land during my vacation? Former Union-Tribune writer Tom Krasovic started a Padres blog, Inside the Padres. This is great news. He is also apparently writing for Voice of San Diego.

I truly look forward to reading Tom’s work once again. He was missed during his short absence.


I’m headed out of town tomorrow, and I may or may not have internet access for a while. Either way, I won’t have as much time to blog, so expect things to be pretty quiet around here for a week and two. I may make a few minor updates here and there – we’ll see how things go. Hopefully, the Padres will cooperate and not make any big moves for the next 10 days or so.

Thanks for reading!


Yup, as you can probably tell by the updates in the sidebar, I finally have twitter. Go ahead and follow me if you’re inclined.

My initial reaction is that this thing is pretty cool. As was mentioned in the comments in my previous post on the topic, it’s a neat way to get breaking updates and stuff like that – stuff that you may not find otherwise. Also, a lot of people are using it. I’m already following like 20 people, and I’m pretty much strictly going with Padres/baseball analysis stuff.

Probably will be a lot of fun and eat up a good bit of time. There’s nothing wrong with that over the long summer.

If you’re not into twitter, you can see my updates in the sidebar. Some (most) of them will probably not be all that valuable, but I’ll probably post some links to stuff, and various other short comments there, so follow along if you’d like.