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Early projections

2010 hitter projections are available at Rally’s

Fielding projections, using UZR at FanGraphs, are also out there.


Kouzmanoff’s fielding

Websoulsurfer compares Kevin Kouzmanoff’s fielding to some great all-time third basemen. He also makes the case that Kouz has been better with the glove this season than Ryan Zimmerman.

I just don’t see it. If we look at THT’s advanced fielding stats, we see that Zimmerman has a substantial lead over Kouzmanoff in plays made. He also has more in-zone chances. If we give Kouz the same number of opportunities in his zone as Zimmerman has, Kouzmanoff would indeed be 3 plays better than Zimmerman. However, Zimmerman would still have 45 more out-of-zone plays than Kouzmanoff. So, they are similar with balls hit in the BIS-defined third base zone, but Zimmerman makes a bunch more plays outside of that zone.

By the way, Zimmerman’s UZR is at +16 runs, while Kouzmanoff is at +6. Kouz has had a good season in the field by most measures, and his fielding percentage is impressive, but I’m not really sure that he’s anything more than an average defensive third basemen.

Fans’ Scouting Report, 2009

It has been quiet around here lately, but I wanted to point you to Tango’s annual Fans’ Scouting Report.

As of right now, the Padres only have 8 reports filled out, which is the third lowest total. Get over there and have your say!

Draft talk

Tom Krasovic gives us a bunch of quotes and info regarding the Padres’ draft and their philosophy.

Seriously, great stuff – well worth a read.

Draft talk at Friar Forecast

Nothing ground-breaking here, just some thoughts on the upcoming draft pick signing deadline. August 17th is a big day for the Padres.

Interview at Mets 411

I answered some questions about the Padres for the Mets’ blog, Mets 411. Fun stuff; check it out.

Quick hits: 8/5

Three heavyweights, Geoff Young, Rich Lederer, and Mike Rogers, all weigh in on the Jake Peavy trade.

Geoff makes a good point, one that I tried to make in my last post:

Snark aside, the larger point is that the trading of established stars for unproven youngsters is not the hallmark of a bad baseball organization. What does identify a bad organization is the refusal to acknowledge shortcomings and a failure to take corrective action.

I’m glad that the Padres appear to understand that this current crop of players is not going to compete. That should have been relatively easy, although it’s tough for any organization to realize they aren’t cutting it. The tough part will be rebuilding, and doing so successfully.


I’ve been evaluating a lot of recent moves with a method that has been popularized over the last few months/years on the saber-blogosphere. I’m not sure that I’ve ever really given a full explanation of it – Justin does an excellent job of that right here.


Over at Gaslamp Ball, there’s a FanPost about San Diego sports media. Pretty good discussion, at points. Also, jbox talks about his evening at Petco with Padres’ COO Tom Garfinkel.