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Welcome back Tom Krasovic

The best news in Padres Blog Land during my vacation? Former Union-Tribune writer Tom Krasovic started a Padres blog, Inside the Padres. This is great news. He is also apparently writing for Voice of San Diego.

I truly look forward to reading Tom’s work once again. He was missed during his short absence.


Hey, this is something different

A mainstream media vs. mainstream media debate at the U-T. Radio vs. print.

(h/t: Hank’s Padre Discussion)

The standards of blogging

It is hard to believe that this post (by Jerod Morris) on a blog called Midwest Sports Fans has caused this much of an uproar.

The post is about Raul Ibanez’s hot start. It goes pretty in-depth (park factors, opposing pitchers, etc) in search of why Ibanez is having a breakout season. In the end, even when no real explanation can be found, Morris makes no real claims about steroids, other than saying performance enhancers are going to be considered in this era. He basically says, “I don’t know what’s going on … it’s too early to tell.”

The post was apparently picked up by the Philadelphia Inquirer and, somewhere along the way, infuriated Ken Rosenthal. In the roundtable linked above, the two professional writers criticize the blogger for, apparently, insinuating that Ibanez may be using steroids. Rosenthal, in particular, talks about the “standards of blogging” and the “power of the written word.”

In the end, however, I think the blog post is a great example of the good in blogging. The author took a question and went in search of the answer, using data and reason along the way. He didn’t make any unwarranted conclusions, and basically just threw up his hands and said, “I’m not sure yet.” Meanwhile, the two pros, Gonzalez and Rosenthal, take a few quotes out of context, and use the post and the reaction it created to go into another blogging vs. mainstream media war.

The standards of blogging is an interesting subject. Anybody can start a blog, and they can do anything with it. There is really no ‘code of ethics,’ unless you consider’s terms of service to serve as one. What you will find, though, is that the good blogs stick around and the bad ones generally fade away or gain little recognition. The ‘good’ ones generally contain come combination of good writing, good analysis, good reporting (etc.).

The ones that stick around, they have what people want to read. The standards, then, are kind of created by the readers and by the blogs that become successful. You can talk all you want about some hack in his mother’s basement yapping away, but unless that person is creating content that people enjoy, his blog isn’t going to be read by many. So, there are certainly different standards than professional journalism’s. They are two different forms of media, although in many ways they are similar. But there is no reason why both can’t stand side by side, each one filling in the other’s weaknesses.

Hire Tom Krasovic

A while back it was announced that the Union Tribune was letting go of Tom Krasovic. The layoffs are effective July 6th, but Krasovic hasn’t written an article since May 24th.

When I read about this, I was truly saddened. Krasovic was clearly one of my favorite Padres writers (bloggers included!) over these last few years. He had a great combination of writing/reporting ability and analysis skills. He was not afraid to use some advanced metrics, but he wasn’t afraid to question them either. He understood that the Padres front office was ahead of the game in many areas, but he also would not hesitate to criticize them when it was warranted. He dug a little deeper than most when looking to answer a question.

With this critical amateur draft right around the corner for the Padres, Krasovic’s absence is even more apparent. I’m hoping that he gets to cover the Padres again somewhere, but as long as he’s writing about baseball (heck, anything), I’ll be reading. If you’re looking for a good baseball writer, hire this guy!