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Fans’ Scouting Report, 2009

It has been quiet around here lately, but I wanted to point you to Tango’s annual Fans’ Scouting Report.

As of right now, the Padres only have 8 reports filled out, which is the third lowest total. Get over there and have your say!


Draft talk

Tom Krasovic gives us a bunch of quotes and info regarding the Padres’ draft and their philosophy.

Seriously, great stuff – well worth a read.

Williams and Sampson signed, Tate close

Today is the deadline to sign players from the 2009 amateur draft. According to Baseball America, the Padres have signed second round pick Everett Williams for $775,000 and fourth round pick Keyvius Sampson for $600,000 (not verified).

The Pads are also apparently getting close to signing top pick, Donavan Tate, for $6+ million, spread out over multiple years. If that happens, it’ll cap off a big day for the organization.

As I mentioned over at Friar Forecast (lots of good discussion in that post, too), drafting Tate, Williams, and Sampson was one thing, getting them signed is another.

Eckstein is who we thought he was

Year PA Hits Singles Doubles Homers Walks HBP SF SH GDP
2008 376 86 63 21 2 31 9 3 9 7
2009 368 86 64 19 1 24 8 3 9 6


Seriously, I could go on and on. Anyway, I was just browsing his stats at Fangraphs, and thought it was remarkable how similar his last two years have been.

It shouldn’t be too hard for the Padres to determine how much on-field value Eck will bring to the team in 2010. He’s basically been the same type of hitter for the last seven years. At this point, he just isn’t that good. The value he provides as a role model to the young players is another thing, however — I can’t tell you how much that is worth. 

Draft talk at Friar Forecast

Nothing ground-breaking here, just some thoughts on the upcoming draft pick signing deadline. August 17th is a big day for the Padres.

Gaudin to the Yanks

On Thursday night, the Padres traded right-hander Chad Gaudin to the Yankees for a player to be named later or cash considerations.

The 26 year old starter is under contract through 2011. Gaudin’s strengths are his strikeout rate (8.97 k/9 this year; 7 per 9 for his career) and his ability to keep the ball in the park (.60 hr/9 this year; .91 for his career). His biggest weakness is his control, with a career walk rate of almost 4.3 per 9 innings. His career ERA sits at 4.58; his FIP at 4.45.

Gaudin’s a pretty nice pick-up for New York. He might even be around average as a starter, and he should fit in nicely on the Yanks’ pitching staff (be it in the pen or rotation – or both). Signed through 2011, he probably wasn’t a guy who really fit into the Padres’ long term plans. Still, he’s a solid starter with two years left under contract – hopefully, the Pads get something of use for him.

Interview at Mets 411

I answered some questions about the Padres for the Mets’ blog, Mets 411. Fun stuff; check it out.